Breakfast Rambling

We LOVE breakfast here at the Little Winston Kitchen (LWK).

Getting out of bed used to be a daily struggle, throughout my entire education.  However, I started to develop the habit to prepare breakfast the night before, which was a complete game changer.

I grew up relying on 6’o clock human alarm clock aka my lovely mother.  I stuffed my face with steamed pork & crab meat buns, yam congee topped with various pickles, warm milk and hard boiled eggs prepared by mom.  I could care less for those rubbery eggs, which were often tossed outside of the window when mom wasn’t looking (sorry, not sorry).  Over the years of living abroad without the luxury of hairy crab meat buns, I have trained myself to be an enthusiast of avocado toast, overnight oatmeal and smoothie bowl.  However, I do miss those juicy hairy crab meat buns from the famous Wang Jia Sha restaurant in Shanghai more than anything in the world of breakfast items.

Here is an example of a simple breakfast at the LWK on an early fall weekend shared with friends:

Pumpkin spice pancake

Rggs scrambled in thyme infused bacon grease

A few orange slices and walnuts

Maple syrup and flam·bé bananas served on the side


All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.

—John Gunther

Photo credit: Alex F.

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