Ten+ Hacks for The Frugal Fitness Junkies

It’s been nine months since we moved from our beloved Twin City Winston-Salem to become Charlottesville townies.  Aside from its rich history and culinary scene, there is a fitness craze in C’ville that is hard to neglect.  There seems to be so many fit and stylish people every corner I turn.  Since I can’t chase them away, I took the quest to make myself a little bit stronger and happier while trying out different fitness classes at various studios around town.  I am in no way a fitness guru, but I may exercise a little more regularly than the next person all while being on a budget.

Ten+ Hacks for The Frugal Fitness Junkies:

  1. Set a realistic budget for your monthly fitness endeavors (I would suggest no more than 10% of your income according to the 50/30/20 rule).
  2. Start with the new client specials, but pay attention to the $/class breakdown, i.e. $55 for unlimited 15 days > $30 for three classes.  If you haven’t been to the studio in six months, ask for the new client specials again!
  3. Check with the studios to see if they offer any discount for your organization/school/company.
  4. Follow the social media accounts of your local studios for random promotions.
  5. Follow the social media accounts of your favorite hangout spots (coffee shops/breweries/vineyard/clothing stores & etc.).  You never know when there will be a pop-up yoga class (they are lots of fun).
  6. Make up your mind, go for the monthly unlimited auto-pay, and go every day.
  7. After you get hooked, sign up for the challenges at the studio to win either credit or discount on your next month’s auto-pay (my fav).
  8. Gift cards, gift cards and more gift cards! The Spafinder gift cards that you can purchase from Costco for a discount can unlock a handful of studios in town (check the Spafinder website for studios near you and email the owners of the studios to redeem).  Holidays are good time to stock up on gift cards from your favorite studios and the ones that you’d like to try next.  Since you already set a budget, you might as well pay it forward to pocket in the savings.
  9. Replicate the exercise routines that you learned at the studios in your neighbor gym (at which, I need to get better doing…)
  10. Work out outside! Check out 34+ Free and Awesome Outdoor Activities.

Thoughts? What do you do for exercise? Do you subscribe to any studios/gyms? If so, what made you bite the bullet? 







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