The Fourth Polo Wine Dinner

The Wine Dinner of 2016 was hosted at Pat’s apartment in Greensboro, North Carolina.  His bachelor apartment with high ceiling, exposed brick walls and metal beams gives away unique industrial cool vibes.  Plus his cherry wood table that comfortably seats six, all the vintage silverware and the intricate lace table cloth make Pat’s apartment the ideal location for the fourth Polo Wine Dinner (just don’t … Continue reading The Fourth Polo Wine Dinner

The Third Polo Wine Dinner

The third Polo Wine Dinner (PWD) of Twenty Fifteen took place during the WFU Homecoming weekend.  During that weekend, we swing-danced at the biannual President’s Ball, power-walked through downtown in the rain, strolled around in the blooming Reynolda Garden, and had high tea at Pat’s bungalow.  Chef B masterfully constructed the incredible menu using fantastic ingredients.  More friends came over for drinks and cheese after dinner. … Continue reading The Third Polo Wine Dinner

How to Make Mediocre Coffee Fancy?

Krankies, our local hipster roaster is currently closed for renovation.  Without luck to find the freshly roasted Ethiopia Ardi beans that Chef B enjoys splurging on, he resorted to these Mocha Java beans from Whole Foods.  All I have to say is that these little suckers were very disappointing. Lo behold, Chef B whipped out his woodneck dripper, steamed and frothed some skim milk.  Last … Continue reading How to Make Mediocre Coffee Fancy?

The First Ever Polo Wine Dinner

All traditions have to start somewhere.  Ours began here.  On September 2, 2012, five sophisticated college seniors (as sophisticated as college seniors can be), so tired of the cafeteria food, craved for a boogie meal with some fancy wine, and they dressed up for the occasion in their humble residence hall. Just like that, the first ever Polo Wine Dinner (PWD) became a reality. With … Continue reading The First Ever Polo Wine Dinner

Golden Pretty Brows Tea

I am simply obsessed with this exquisite variety of Chinese black tea! Jin Jun Mei (金骏眉) — the name literately means “golden pretty brows”, the upgraded Lapsang Souchong, from the top of Wuyi Mountain nestled in China’s extensive Fujian province. The brew is of a delightful strawberry-blonde hue. The delicate tea leaves are transformed from the tea tree shoots hand-plucked by craftsmen in early spring, … Continue reading Golden Pretty Brows Tea