The First Ever Polo Wine Dinner

All traditions have to start somewhere.  Ours began here.  On September 2, 2012, five sophisticated college seniors (as sophisticated as college seniors can be), so tired of the cafeteria food, craved for a boogie meal with some fancy wine, and they dressed up for the occasion in their humble residence hall. Just like that, the first ever Polo Wine Dinner (PWD) became a reality. With … Continue reading The First Ever Polo Wine Dinner

Golden Pretty Brows Tea

I am simply obsessed with this exquisite variety of Chinese black tea! Jin Jun Mei (金骏眉) — the name literately means “golden pretty brows”, the upgraded Lapsang Souchong, from the top of Wuyi Mountain nestled in China’s extensive Fujian province. The brew is of a delightful strawberry-blonde hue. The delicate tea leaves are transformed from the tea tree shoots hand-plucked by craftsmen in early spring, … Continue reading Golden Pretty Brows Tea